Those who know their way in life have already achieved a lot. A healthy lifestyle and wisely-invested time are a winning combination. One can never stop learning in life. Once this basic truth is internalized, personal habits are sure to benefit others as well.

You work on yourself with a primary focus placed on overall health.

Yes, competition is everywhere. However, it's important that you make sure not to put your health at risk. So what could be the best course of action?

And, are there equally favourable market conditions when you choose to work on your well-being?

Let’s take a look at these simple steps that can help ensure total wellness:

  • Thirty minutes of exercise and strength training twice a day. You can increase your ability to enjoy work and be more successful by performing numerous minor movements and posture units in between tasks. When performed in moderation, short exercises done at intervals can boost your health, such as getting your heart rate up. Just take care to avoid risks and related injuries. In the long run, continuous exercise will be most beneficial.
  • Having a work plan will make it easier to achieve personal goals. For you to proceed in a process-oriented manner, you might have to forego specific goals in order to make room for more efficient alternatives. Understandably, habits are not easy to change. But, regular reflection allows you to systematically regulate personal activities –which will ultimately impact your life positively. Steady and moderate self-assessment, as well as dedication to your regimen, are effective and will lead to better results.
  • Daily consumption is also essential, especially your eating habits. You can allow yourself some pleasure and leisure. But, with daily planning and thoughtful consideration of both the advantages and disadvantages, practising reasonable restraint in your current lifestyle helps you achieve specific goals.

To help boost well-being, do more of these:

  • Enough time for work and fulfilment of personal goals
  • Water intake and consumption of quality food
  • Write and create.
  • Be mindful of nutrition and physical fitness.
  • Exercise more regularly and take time out for nature, fresh air, and sun.
  • Be goal-oriented and leverage your skills and knowledge when doing work.
  • Proactively create a positive environment and efficiently fulfil social obligations.
  • Make time for private matters and integrate them into your day-to-day plan.
  • Devote more time to daily essentials, e.g. sufficient sleep, which requires consistent work on personal behaviour and routines.
  • Engage in more collaborations, meaningful connections, and synergies.
  • Set up security and control. It's a time-saver, shows appreciation for the work, and fosters confidence.
  • Set priorities to distinguish between immediate action and more planning.

Considering the golden principle of “less is more”, do less of these:

  • Sugar and animal products
  • Highly potent stimulants, such as coffee, energy drinks, wine, or highly processed foods
  • Time in traffic. What could be done more efficiently? Consider a reasonable way to work, i.e. going on foot or by bike when the weather is good.
  • Task duplication. Utilize targeted communication. A fully-realized goal opens up new spaces and increases the scope for action.
  • News & Media. Consume and process content in a targeted manner. No one can do everything, hence, with greater knowledge and commitment, thoughtfully identify the benefits and areas of need.
  • Administration
  • Unnecessary costs and expenses, e.g. excessive wasting of time
  • Shopping. Use products as long as possible and use what you already have or sell them.
  • Screen time
  • Open projects and tasks. Categorize them as: completed, to complete, or discard.
  • Entertainment. Consciously plan for culture and entertainment. Assess your habits and your ways of perceiving them.
  • Goals. Evaluate meaning and benefit. What do you want to or can achieve? Would more economic commitment be possible and success more likely to result?

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