Personal responsibility is becoming ever more crucial in our society. Each individual is in charge or “at the helm” of their own life, but sometimes also in a position to influence that of others. Acknowledging this reality may positively impact our interactions with others and our approach to failure.

After making a mistake, your natural instinct may be to ignore or “shy away from” it, however, often it is best to “shoulder the responsibility” or “carry the can”. This is usually a far superior option to attempting to “shift the blame” onto someone else. By accepting responsibility, you might even garner respect from others.

If you are privy to information which not many people know, and you wish to keep it that way, you can be said to be “keeping your cards close to your chest”. There can be a need to do this in many sectors of society. Politics is an example of a field where this is often the case.

While the differences between political parties can sometimes seem stark, from time to time politicians may attempt to temporarily put some of their differences aside and work with each other “across the political divide”. By “joining forces” in this way, a useful compromise may be found.

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