This is not advisable. Dairy products are classified as cereals, while refined coffee and sweets both contain muesli mixtures. Nonetheless, the media advertise it daily and shelves in distribution centers and retail shops are brimming with these products.

And who doesn't enjoy them in everyday foods? Indulgence, however, can quickly turn into a daily habit.

Much like nicotine, dairy can become addictive. There are certain ingredients in industrially produced foods that trigger this, which can then lead to an unconscious, uncontrolled, and increased consumption.

The rise in incidences of obesity and metabolic diseases resulting from this has put a strain on the health system and caused premiums to skyrocket.

Although vegan dairy products are more ecologically sustainable, moderation is still a smart move in this case. While daily consumption might reduce enjoyment, vegan substitutes, when consumed in excess, are neither healthy nor consistently environment-friendly.

Frowner recommends leading a generally healthy lifestyle and consuming small amounts of sugar and salt. A greater focus on new concepts, such as post-Christmas fasting or even a year-round fasting regimen can be undertaken in small increments until they develop into a lasting healthy habit –without causing personal burden or stress.

Healthful activities and cooking strategies for weight loss will be discussed in detail by frowner in another article soon.

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