A lot of us like to have established routines and stay “in our comfort zone”. While this can be positive, in order to keep progressing it is sometimes important to “branch out” and “broaden your horizons” by setting yourself a new challenge.

By “branching out”, you can even “send a signal” to those around you that you are keen to keep developing your skills. “Sending a signal” is a good thing, but “sending a message” to someone” i.e., making clear to them what your attitude is in relation to something, can be even more effective. So, if you really commit to taking on this new challenge, it might even “send a message” which they won’t forget.

Sometimes things don’t work out quite as we had imagined them. While reflection can be valuable, sometimes it is possible to spend too long pondering what went wrong. In such circumstances, it can be a good idea to “draw a line under it” and move on.

It’s all very well having extensive plans and talking about what you wish to achieve in the near future, but it is important to also “walk the talk” or “practice what you preach”. After all, words may be powerful, but deeds are too.

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