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  • If you want a long-term successful career as an author, you need to learn the craft and the business of writing. Joseph Nassise talks about his writing process, how he diversifies his business across different publishers, different products, and different technologies, as well as how he is embracing new options for his books. In the intro, Draft2Digital opens up Print for everyone; Future Today Institute Trends report; Microsoft introduces the AI-powered 365 Co-pilot; Google unveils generative AI tools; Ethical AI Publishing newsletter from Monica Leonelle. Plus, pictures from Wales on Instagram @jfpennauthor and Facebook @jfpennauthor; my new craft course on […]
  • We all use tools to help us improve our skills, and in this episode, Leanne Leeds explains how she uses the generative AI tool, Sudowrite, to write better books and serve her readership more effectively. In the intro, OpenAI launches GPT4, and how it can be used for accessibility with Be My Eyes. Other tools include ProWritingAid's Rephrase, and upcoming GrammarlyGo, plus keep up with the news on AI with Ben's Bites and/or The Algorithmic Bridge. You can find Sudowrite through my affiliate link at, and I also have a tutorial on how I use Sudowrite here. This podcast […]
  • All stories, whether fiction, memoir, or narrative non-fiction, happen somewhere, so setting is a key aspect of writing. From an epic fantasy world to a small room in a literary novel, to the open road of a personal travel memoir, your characters experience their journey in specific places. Here are some tips for writing settings. For more detail, check out my course, Writing Setting and Sense of Place, available now. There is a preview lesson available so you can check it out in more detail. What is a setting and what is a world? A scene in a story has […]
  • Writers and readers are a diverse bunch, and we all want to do our best to make sure our content is accessible to all. But how do we do that when it seems like a huge (and time-consuming) challenge for an individual creator? Jeff Adams gives some tips for getting started. In the intro, making as marketing [Ryan Holiday]; Enter awards but make sure they are worthwhile [ALLi; Reedsy; BookAwardPro]; The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin. This podcast is sponsored by Kobo Writing Life, which helps authors self-publish and reach readers in global markets through the Kobo […]
  • What are the core fundamentals of a successful independent author business? How can you focus on writing, as well as sell more books, and stay healthy? Prolific fantasy author Lindsay Buroker shares her tips. In the intro, YouTube gets into audio-only podcasts; Seth Godin's book marketing for The Song of Significance; How to make more money than the average author [Ask ALLi]; Independent author income survey from ALLi; The Authors Guild updated their model contract with a new clause: No Generative AI Training Use. Plus, my photos from Washington D.C.; I'm on the Write Now with Scrivener Podcast; Pictures from […]
  • Write and publish what you want, get paid every day for your books, and control your customer data and relationships. It's possible if you sell direct, as Pierre Jeanty talks about in this interview. In the intro, the author income survey [ALLi]; publishing clauses to avoid [Writer Unboxed; Writer Beware]; copyright registration for AI-assisted comic Zarya of the Dawn [Process Mechanics]; tips for writing with AI [Self Publishing Show]; my Sudowrite tutorial. Today's show is sponsored by ProWritingAid, writing and editing software that goes way beyond just grammar and typo checking. With its detailed reports on how to improve your […]
  • After many years of people saying, “AI can never be creative, AI could never write fiction (i.e. make things up), it's now evident that the generative AI tools make a lot up — and we need to be aware of the potential ramifications. How can we use the tools to achieve our creative purpose in an ethical manner, and understand that we need to curate, edit, and take responsibility for any usage? How can we educate ourselves and others on the way these AI models work? Tim Boucher and I have a challenging, wide-ranging discussion in this interview. In the […]
  • How can you create a universe big enough for multiple series? How can you co-write successfully? How can you pivot your business model to achieve your creative, financial, and lifestyle goals? Martha Carr talks about these things and more. In the intro, Simon & Schuster is back up for sale [Reuters, Episode 662 with Jane Friedman]; The New Gatekeepers report [Ben Evans]; Marvellous Maps. Today's show is sponsored by Ingram Spark, which I use to print and distribute my print-on-demand books to 40,000 retailers including independent bookstores, schools and universities, libraries, and more. It's your content—do more with it through Martha Carr […]
  • How can you embrace book marketing as a creative part of your author business? How can you effectively market your backlist over time? How can you tap into ambition and drive your author business onward and upward? Honoree Corder talks about all this and more. In the intro, Draft2Digital add a new library marketplace [D2D]; Running a publishing house is not as much fun as it used to be [Mike Shatzkin]; Microsoft launches the new Bing with ChatGPT-style co-pilot, and soon to be rolled out in other products like MS Word, Teams, etc [The Verge]; My future of publishing talk, […]
  • I've been playing with aspects of generative AI for a few years now, but for this short story, I wanted to demonstrate how you can use various AI tools in an ethical manner to help you achieve your creative purpose. My short story, With A Demon's Eye, is out now on my store,, in ebook and audiobook. It's also on pre-order at the other stores (launching 15 March, 2023). The idea for the story I've been noodling on this idea for a few years now. I first thought about it when I had laser eye surgery over four years […]
  • Who are the Choctaw people and how can authors write authentic Native Americans in their books? How can we research diverse characters and include a diverse cast without worrying about cancel culture? Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer talks about how her Choctaw heritage influences her books. In the intro, the Pilgrimage Kickstarter is done — thanks to all backers and I'll be in touch soon; With a Demon's Eye on my store and pre-order elsewhere; Opportunities in 2023 [Ask ALLi Podcast]. Today's show is sponsored by Draft2Digital, where you can get free ebook formatting, free distribution to multiple stores, and a host of […]
  • What are the benefits of selling direct? Why might using your face to advertise your books be a good idea? What might be the future of selling direct? Steve Pieper talks about these things and more. In the intro, ACX lowering audiobook prices, Chokepoint Capitalism, Audiblegate, Copyright valuation [Dean Wesley Smith]; courses on copyright; Happy Money; Write to Riches; Failing to predict the future [James Altucher]; Pilgrimage Kickstarter (until 5 Feb, 2023), then find it here. Today's show is sponsored by ProWritingAid, writing and editing software that goes way beyond just grammar and typo checking. With its detailed reports on […]

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  • by Anthony O'Reilly
    People often use can and could interchangeably, even though the words have slightly different meanings. Luckily, the rules about when to use can vs. could are pretty straightforward. Both are modal verbs used to express ability or possibility; they can also be used to ask for permission. When you’re talking about the possibility of something […] The post Can vs. Could: Learn the Difference appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Devon Delfino
    Leaving a job can be bittersweet. On one hand, you may be moving to a job with better pay and benefits, or one that more closely aligns with your professional interests. On the other hand, you may be saying goodbye to beloved coworkers and managers. One way to ease the transition is to acknowledge those […] The post How to Write a Goodbye Message When Leaving a Job appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Parker Yamasaki
    One mark of a good writer is their ability to keep things brief. Why spend words on simple explanations, when those words could be better used creating vivid imagery or coming up with clever puns? A great tool for keeping things quick and clear, without sacrificing depth, is metonymy. Metonymy is a figure of speech […] The post Metonymy: How to Use This Literary Device appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Brad Hoover, Grammarly CEO
    I shared the following with Grammarly team members yesterday afternoon: As we approach our fourteenth company birthday, we have come a long way in our quest to build an enduring company, and we find ourselves in a strong position. We have a market-leading platform, a “first-mover” example of the impact of assistive AI at scale. […] The post Grammarly’s Next Chapter: Welcoming Rahul Roy-Chowdhury as Grammarly’s New CEO on May 1 and Noam Lovinsky as Chief Product Officer appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Matt Ellis
    Conjunctive adverbs, like however or also, are transition words used to connect independent clauses or sentences by showing the relationship between them. Conjunctive adverbs smooth the transition between two clauses, but unlike coordinating conjunctions (e.g., and, but, or), they alone cannot link two independent clauses together. Conjunctive adverbs are vital for communication because they bridge […] The post How to Use Conjunctive Adverbs appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Lindsay Kramer
    When you’re applying for jobs, your goal is to present yourself and your work in the most positive (and accurate) light possible. Your résumé shows potential employers your background, employment history, skill set, and certifications. But it doesn’t show your personality, how you work with a team, challenges you’ve faced and learned from, or why […] The post What Is a Cover Letter? Definition, Purpose, and Types appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Kelly Konya
    Every language has a unique collection of expressions that are easily understood by fluent speakers but may be hard for those less familiar with the language to parse. These sayings, known as idioms, contain meanings that are not wholly obvious by defining the words individually. For instance, if you’re absorbed in a book or deep […] The post 15 Idioms About Time appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Anthony O'Reilly
    Compared to other commonly confused words, like affect and effect or lose and loose, the rules for using choose vs. chose are much more straightforward. This is because both words have the same meaning—they’re just in different tenses. Choose is the present tense form of an irregular verb that means “to select something from a […] The post When to Use “Choose” vs. “Chose” appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Kelsey Galles
    When teams struggle to communicate well internally, customers feel the effects. New data from the Grammarly Business 2023 State of Business Communication report with The Harris Poll shows that effective communication between employees is foundational for customer experience.  The data shows that strong communication across an organization bolsters the confidence of customer support professionals more […] The post Delivering a Positive Customer Experience Starts With Effective Internal Communication appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Parker Yamasaki
    When you tell someone you’re going to “hit the books,” they probably picture you in a library or a study session. When you say you need “a set of wheels,” you’re indicating that you need a car (to get to said library, perhaps). These phrases are examples of synecdoche because they use part of something […] The post What Is Synecdoche? Definition and Examples appeared first on Grammarly Blog.


  • by Luke Sholl
    When entering international markets, a translation strategy is fundamental to making the most of your business venture. To find out how you can formulate your own successful strategy, and the benefits of doing so, keep reading. The post Why you need a translation strategy appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Hello Yuqo
    The holiday season is just around the corner. While consumers are busy preparing their shopping list, it's a perfect opportunity to improve your website and make some changes that can help to boost sales. The post 8 SEO tips to prep your site for the holiday season appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Luke Sumpter
    To call the internet saturated would be an understatement. There are well over a billion sites vying for attention, all claiming to offer the solutions readers are looking for. But people want something they can quickly scroll through to find the answers—list posts fit the bill perfectly! Discover 8 key benefits of list posts for any website. The post The top 8 benefits of list posts appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Hello Yuqo
    Is wabi-sabi a useful label to put on an old table, or an age-old ideal through which we can find beauty in impermanence, decay, and death? Here we trace the term from its Buddhist origins through to its more modern, and far more positive, iteration. The post The Japanese art of wabi-sabi appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Hello Yuqo
    If you've decided the life of an online content producer is for you, then welcome aboard! Making content is one thing; making it pay is quite another. Below, we list our 8 top tips for turning content into profit. The post 8 ways to monetize your content appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Hello Yuqo
    The 21st century has seen many huge changes to societies around the world. There are thousands of words that could have made this list, and what we cover is only a tiny portion of our time. Nevertheless, these nine words tell us so much about the age in which we live. The post 9 words that define the 21st century appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Hello Yuqo
    Cramming too many tasks into a workday has a counterproductive effect, as it negatively influences focus. Multitasking is totally overrated—it's actually the ability to focus on one thing at a time that will help you improve focus and productivity. It comes down to taking care of your body and mind, and keeping yourself free from distractions. The post How to improve focus and productivity at work: practical tips appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Luke Sumpter
    Proper brand communication can take a regular business and propel it into a living success story. It involves more than just a pretty logo and a flashy website (although these are important!). You need to develop a consistent and appropriate voice, post at the right time, engage with the correct audience, and be as authentic and honest as possible. The post How to optimise brand communication on social media appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Luke Sholl
    A hugely important day in French culture, Bastille Day commemorates the Storming of the Bastille. To find out the history of Bastille Day, its cultural significance, and how to build an effective marketing strategy around the event, keep reading. The post How to market Bastille Day appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Ryan
    As you start to get a better understanding of the English language, you should try using idioms in regular discussion. Some are confusing at first, but you'll get used to them quickly, and native speakers you meet along the way will be impressed with your proficiency. To get you started, let's discuss 10 of the most popular US English idioms! The post 10 US English idioms to help you impress appeared first on Yuqo.

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