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  • How might subscriptions help expand your author business ecosystem? What are some tips on encouraging readers to buy direct? Why is the future looking positive for authors in the creator economy? Michael Evans gives his thoughts. In the intro, marketing for multi-genre authors [Self Publishing Advice]; Same as Ever: Timeless lessons on risk, opportunity, and living a good life by Morgan Housel; Year of the Locust by Terry Hayes, and what we can learn from both of these books. Plus, join me and Joseph Michael for a free webinar on Using AI as an author, 5 Dec 2023. Click here to find out […]
  • How can you transition into being an author after a long-term career elsewhere? How can you adopt an attitude of service in order to build your network in an authentic manner? Patrick O'Donnell shares his tips. In the intro, Spotify subscribers in the US now have 15 hours of free audiobook listening [The Verge] — you can find most of my books there if you want to give them a try! Plus an update from 20BooksVegas, which will now be Author Nation; and signing my gold foil hardbacks of Writing the Shadow. In AI news, ChatGPT is now multi-modal, and […]
  • How can you shift your mindset from catalog sales to selling direct? How can you reframe the direct author business model to take advantage of creative possibilities for different kinds of products and long-term marketing? Russell Nohelty gives his tips in this interview. In the intro, Top 10 tips for indie authors [Clare Lydon]; 10 years lessons learned [SJ Pajonas], My timeline of being an author; Using AI tools for fact-checking [The Blue Garret]; Today's show is sponsored by Draft2Digital, where you can get free ebook formatting, free distribution to multiple stores, and a host of other benefits. Get your free […]
  • How can using Pinterest more like a search engine help you sell more books? What are some of the ways to use Pinterest most effectively for book marketing? Trona Freeman gives her tips. In the intro, KDP announce an Invite-Only KDP Beta for Audiobooks; How to Double Down on Being Human: 5 Ways to Stand Out in an Age of AI; Creative Planning with Orna Ross; Pathfinders edited by JL Collins; Kickstarter fulfillment for Writing the Shadow; In-Person Conference Tips for Introverts and Highly Sensitive People. Today's show is sponsored by Ingram Spark, which I use to print and distribute […]

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  • by Rachel Meltzer
    Did you know that a big share of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone? If you want recipients to read your email, you’ve got to get it opened first. For work-related emails, you’ll need to write a professional subject line—but how do you know what […] The post Email Subject Lines: 18 Professional Examples appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Hailey Spinks
    An understatement is a figure of speech in which the writer intentionally downplays or minimizes the significance or intensity of a situation, often to be rhetorical or satirical or to (counterintuitively) create emphasis. Here, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty details of what understatements are (and aren’t) so you know how to spot them—and how to […] The post Understatement: Definition and Examples appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Matt Ellis
    The predicate nominative is a confusing topic in English, even for lifelong speakers. So what is a predicate nominative? Below we explain everything you need to know about what they are and how to use them and give plenty of predicate nominative examples. We’ll also discuss the difference between the predicate nominative and the predicate […] The post What Is the Predicate Nominative in Grammar? appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Rachel Meltzer
    Do you need to write a project proposal but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Crafting a project proposal is important for getting your project approved, funded, or supported. It outlines crucial details such as the project’s concept, objectives, methodology, budget estimates, team qualifications, and potential risks. Its primary purpose […] The post Write a Project Proposal: Step-by-Step Instructions appeared first on Grammarly Blog.


  • by Luke Sholl
    When entering international markets, a translation strategy is fundamental to making the most of your business venture. To find out how you can formulate your own successful strategy, and the benefits of doing so, keep reading. The post Why you need a translation strategy appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Hello Yuqo
    The holiday season is just around the corner. While consumers are busy preparing their shopping list, it's a perfect opportunity to improve your website and make some changes that can help to boost sales. The post 8 SEO tips to prep your site for the holiday season appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Luke Sumpter
    To call the internet saturated would be an understatement. There are well over a billion sites vying for attention, all claiming to offer the solutions readers are looking for. But people want something they can quickly scroll through to find the answers—list posts fit the bill perfectly! Discover 8 key benefits of list posts for any website. The post The top 8 benefits of list posts appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Hello Yuqo
    Is wabi-sabi a useful label to put on an old table, or an age-old ideal through which we can find beauty in impermanence, decay, and death? Here we trace the term from its Buddhist origins through to its more modern, and far more positive, iteration. The post The Japanese art of wabi-sabi appeared first on Yuqo.

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