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  • As much as we try to plan for things, sometimes life happens and we have to adapt to a new situation. Jessie Kwak talks about adapting to life as a freelance writer and author after being injured, and her tips for managing work and energy. In the intro, I mention Accessibility for All, the interview I did with Jeff Adams about how we can make our content more accessible to people with injuries and disabilities. You can also check out KWL Podcast episode on Accessibility for Authors. Plus, Writing the Shadow: Turn Your Inner Darkness Into Words is launching soon […]
  • How can you create a high-quality photo book and publish it on Kickstarter? How do you market a beautiful, high-value book? Jeremy Bassetti talks about his photo book project, Hill of the Skull. In the intro, Slow release book strategies [ALLi]; Seth Godin on how he is using ChatGPT; Consultants using AI worked faster and produced higher quality results [Ethan Mollick]; DALL-E includes text and consistent characters [OpenAI, Examples on X]; More authors suing OpenAI [The Verge]. Plus, Writing the Shadow Kickstarter; Gold cover video; Wing of an Angel Kickstarter; Pics of Norway on Instagram @jfpennauthor Today's show is sponsored […]
  • In this solo episode, I talk about my lessons learned from 12 years as a full-time author entrepreneur. You can read/listen to previous updates at In the intro, Finding readers [ALLi blog]; Writing the Shadow Kickstarter. Today's show is sponsored by ProWritingAid, writing and editing software that goes way beyond just grammar and typo checking. With its detailed reports on how to improve your writing and integration with Scrivener, ProWritingAid will help you improve your book before you send it to an editor, agent or publisher. Check it out for free or get 25% off the premium edition at Joanna Penn writes […]
  • What's the difference between an audio book and an audio drama? What are the steps to write a script and produce it? Joanne Phillips gives her tips. In the intro, Amazon KDP's new AI content guidelines; AI at the heart of what Amazon does [The Verge]; Writing the Shadow Kickstarter; 1000 Libraries Kickstarter; Today's show is sponsored by Draft2Digital, where you can get free ebook formatting, free distribution to multiple stores, and a host of other benefits. Get your free Author Marketing Guide at Joanne Phillips is the author of 14 books, including romantic comedy, literary fiction, mysteries, and self-help books. […]

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  • by Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Grammarly CEO
    I shared the following message with Grammarly team members: I’m excited to share that we’ve hired two outstanding executives to join Grammarly: Lena Waters as Chief Marketing Officer and Heather Gille as Chief People Officer. Both are remarkable leaders in their field, having scaled and operated high-functioning orgs in both enterprise SaaS and Fortune 500 […] The post Grammarly Welcomes Lena Waters as Chief Marketing Officer and Heather Gille as Chief People Officer appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Matt Ellis
    Blog posts remain one of the most effective ways to attract visitors to a website. Now, with burgeoning artificial intelligence, AI blogging promises to assist with—and in some cases take over—the content-marketing process. But how can you write a blog using AI without getting results that read like a robot’s writing? In this guide, we […] The post How to Write a Blog Post With AI appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Grammarly
    Often, two words with the same meaning will have different connotations—i.e., implied meanings. For example, if you look up the word fearless in a thesaurus, you’ll see both courageous and cocky listed as synonyms. However, if you call someone cocky after they do something heroic, you may offend them since the connotation attached to cocky […] The post “Fictional” vs. “Fictive” vs. “Fictitious”: What’s the Difference? appeared first on Grammarly Blog.
  • by Grammarly
    You know the feeling: You’ve written your first draft for an important writing assignment, and you’re ready to get it over the finish line but just aren’t sure how. It can be tough to look at your own work with a critical eye and identify areas for improvement. Here, we explain how you can use […] The post Get Real-Time Feedback on Your Writing With Grammarly AI appeared first on Grammarly Blog.


  • by Luke Sholl
    When entering international markets, a translation strategy is fundamental to making the most of your business venture. To find out how you can formulate your own successful strategy, and the benefits of doing so, keep reading. The post Why you need a translation strategy appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Hello Yuqo
    The holiday season is just around the corner. While consumers are busy preparing their shopping list, it's a perfect opportunity to improve your website and make some changes that can help to boost sales. The post 8 SEO tips to prep your site for the holiday season appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Luke Sumpter
    To call the internet saturated would be an understatement. There are well over a billion sites vying for attention, all claiming to offer the solutions readers are looking for. But people want something they can quickly scroll through to find the answers—list posts fit the bill perfectly! Discover 8 key benefits of list posts for any website. The post The top 8 benefits of list posts appeared first on Yuqo.
  • by Hello Yuqo
    Is wabi-sabi a useful label to put on an old table, or an age-old ideal through which we can find beauty in impermanence, decay, and death? Here we trace the term from its Buddhist origins through to its more modern, and far more positive, iteration. The post The Japanese art of wabi-sabi appeared first on Yuqo.

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