Encountering obstacles or “hitting a bump in the road” is a common occurrence for most of us, yet sometimes such obstacles are unexpected. If you come across a drawback which you had not anticipated, you can refer to it as “a fly in the ointment”. With this expression, you can express that one minor issue has hindered the success or enjoyment of a certain pursuit.

One possible cause of “a fly in the ointment” is having too many tasks to juggle or “too many balls in the air”. After all, certain tasks require your undivided attention to achieve the most optimal result. Consequently, it is sometimes best to “not spread yourself too thin” or divide your attention between a multitude of tasks.

If you manage to find a balance between having a nice variety of tasks, but not “spreading yourself too thin”, this will lay a strong foundation for continued success. When you reach a certain point, you may even be in a position to state that you have “found a place in the sun”, indicating that you have reached your goals and lived up to your expectations.

At such a point, you may wish to set yourself new challenges and “pursue some new horizons”. In doing so, you may decide to leave some of your old responsibilities to other people and “pass on the baton” to them, allowing them to take on a new responsibility while benefiting from the foundation laid by their predecessor.

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