Sometimes it can seem like important decisions take a long time to be made. If a lot of uncertainty remains around a decision, you can say that it is still “up in the air”, implying that it is yet to be resolved. If the decision is particularly important and could have potentially negative consequences, then it could be described as “hanging in the balance”.

If the decision made does not serve your interests and instead causes you problems, it might lead you to hit a “stumbling block”. But luckily, a “stumble” is not all that grave and can be recovered from. If, however, you “hit a dead end”, this implies that the situation is hopeless.

In such a case, you may need to “retrace your steps” and start again. “Taking a step back” more generally can sometimes be useful. By doing so, you can “gain some distance” and “put things into perspective”.

“Down the road”, or at some point in the future, you might look back on that moment and appreciate how useful it was to re-evaluate the situation.

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