People who tend to have a lot of success in their field often have the ability to “connect the dots” or “see the full picture” by associating one idea with another and understanding how they may work when put together.

Those with such skills usually have a strong instinct and a capacity to detect when things seem to be legitimate or “on the level”. If the story underlying certain claims appears genuine, you can say that “it adds up”. If something “adds up”, you will be able to take justifiable steps and decisions.

If you are able to envision how the dots might be connected, then you have the ability to take the knowledge and skills that you have accumulated over time and “bring them to bear” on your projects, applying them in a way which considers the bigger picture.

As much as it is important to “bring your skills to bear”, it can be frustrating if you feel that a business relationship is a “one-way street”, indicating that only one side of the relationship contributes or benefits. A more optimal situation would be one where both sides express a willingness to pool their brainpower or “put their heads together” to find a solution which offers mutual benefit.

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