“Environmentally Friendly Islands”?

A Thought Experiment Can Local Recreation Areas Be Expanded? Every single tree and every single plant could enhance “concrete jungles” in a number of ways. Who does not inherently know this? Yet can the lack of action be explained by disagreeable decision-makers, the expense, or a lack of knowledge of nature-oriented concepts in the context of building projects in metropolitan areas and cities? Switzerland was once largely wooded and, naturally, less people lived here in years gone by. In the Middle Ages in particular, the demand for pasture and building land changed and accordingly, the clearing and burning of woodland began. Many animal and plant species were victims of these changes. Are people treating flora and fauna in a more considerate manner at the moment, or rather is the alarming news about systematic extermination falsified? How decisive are power interests and finances on different levels? Are there still people who do not view their way of life in the context of global environmental catastrophes?

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