An illustration of the creation and editing of videos using artificial intelligence (AI).

In our case, we saved up to three working hours per video. Not only by editing videos using artificial intelligence. Moreover, we achieved good quality and an increase in production.

Process description

Existing contributions – with all rights reserved – are selected. We take care to maintain the branding of the website when creating videos. In this way, we preserve the familiar visuality to visitors. We prioritise recognition, value, and corporate identity. Also, broad, further-reaching information can be helpful for readers and listeners.

After taking the contribution text over, you can insert it into Kapwing AI. Then, you can create the video dubbing according to the appropriate settings. Furthermore, the video format selection and language genre count. Within a short time, AI forms a dynamic video text by emphasising spoken expressions. For the subsequent editing, we transferred the video to Capcut and edited it with our team.

To realise animation, we use the images on our website. For animation editing and its dynamic, it is crucial to concentrate on each image effect. You want to provide the pictures with impact. As a rule, we use “Fade In” and “Pop Up” effects, which make the image appear to be “in motion”.

Then, the images need to adapt to the AI voice. So that a new image appears in the video at the beginning of each sentence. Finally, a (copyright-protected) music accompaniment that is as discreet as possible is inserted. A consistent musical accompaniment in videos is crucial for memorising services. Therefore, planning the necessary time when choosing accompanying music is worthwhile.

Finally, we adjust the sound for the best listening experience. Our Priority goes to the voice of the speaker. Good intelligibility of the spoken text is the “be-all and end-all” of a successful video. Accompanying music remains discreetly in the background.

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