Suisse army spending on the rise

There is a positive mood about this decision from left to right. Everyone is interested in budget increases. The focus is always on the electorate, available financial resources and, last but not least, on personal position. The industry senses morning air. However, the question arises as to the purpose of using cost-, maintenance- and personnel-intensive war materials.

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Trust is good; control is better.

Unfortunately, poor communication, lack of knowledge and resentment reduce progress. Intelligent and verified digitalization strengthens the rule of law. More knowledge centers, independent auditors and collaborators need to be involved. A strong state promotes an active economy. With the state economy, its monopolization and correspondingly too many employees, both democracy and financial ethics are “abolished”.

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Economy, state, society

Digitalisation should be used to enable a more participatory society. There have very likely not been as many outsiders, marginalised groups, sick people and, unfortunately, deaths as there are at the moment for a long time. Is our economic system and so-called modern society focusing predominantly on additional damage to the environment and climate, as well as overpopulation and the societal illnesses that result from this? In light of that, is it possible to still describe social policy as social?

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