If you have ever felt frustrated at being overlooked or felt that others have failed to recognise your potential, you might have had the impression that you were simply “waiting on the sidelines” or “in the margins”. The first expression is speculated to have originated on the football pitch and reflect the image of substitutes standing on the side of the pitch.

One way to escape the sidelines is to be “given the green light” to do something. This simple, but effective image sums up the idea of transforming an idle state into an active one. A similar expression is “to get the nod” to do something. After all, sometimes all it takes is the nod of a head to give someone the approval to get started on something.

After you have been “given the green light” to get started on a project, you might take your time considering whether you really want to do it, or you might “jump at the chance” to do it and “seize the opportunity with both hands”. That way, your enthusiasm for the project will be plain to see.

If all goes well with the project, it might even “raise your profile” among the local or wider community. This striking image is a great way to express that you are getting increased attention.

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    • Belen Watson

      As humans is easier for us to focus only on negative feelings according to our enviroment, the passage creatively describes feelings of being overlooked and the journey from inactivity to seizing opportunities. The use of vivid metaphors like “waiting on the sidelines” and “seize the opportunity with both hands” effectively illustrates these concepts. It can be said that we need to re think if these sitations are good for our mental health.

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