Effects of a Plant-Based Diet on Society

In contrast to an omnivorous society, a plant-based diet has sustainable global effects.


Factory farming results in arable farming and high greenhouse gas emissions. Also, deforestation and water pollution are the consequences. It is self-explanatory: plant-based diets cause far less environmental damage than animal-based diets.


A plant-based diet has numerous health benefits. For example, it reduces risks of heart disease and high blood pressure. Moreover, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer are less likely. Plant-based foods generally contain less saturated fat. They have more fibre, vitamins and minerals than animal-based foods.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is essential for many who opt for a plant-based diet. For reasons of profit and to save time, we see animal-hostile practices. The number of intensive confinement and continuous use of antibiotics is increasing. Furthermore, there are still painful and anesthetic-free procedures. Last but not least, force-feeding is still used in factory farming. Do you think this is healthy to eat?


A plant-based diet is generally more resource-efficient than an animal-based diet. For example, producing 500 grams of animal protein requires significantly more land. It is with it to use less water and feed and switch to plants.

Economic efficiency

Switching to a plant-based diet could also have economic benefits. Plant-based foods are generally cheaper than animal products. Producing plant-based food also harbours new economic opportunities within production and distribution.

There are many reasons why a plant-based diet is preferable to an omnivorous one. A plant-based diet is more sustainable, healthier, and animal-friendly. It can be more efficient in resource consumption. Switching to a plant-based diet could also bring economic benefits. However, it should be noted that not all plant-based diets are of the same quality. An unhealthy plant-based diet can also be practised. For instance, a high proportion of processed foods with minor nutrient-rich whole foods.

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