More happiness, health and joie de vivre thanks to assertiveness and countermeasures

Analyse everyday life and stay mindful.

We live in times where food poisoning is not uncommon. In a culture where too many animal and sugary products are still consumed, dangers lurk. Sales figures show that cigarettes and alcohol have remained on the same course.

Behaviours to consider:

Physical activity. Thirty minutes of 130 – 150 pulse per day is a strategy that can improve well-being. Optimal sleeping conditions and behaviours for better sleep quality increase cognitive abilities. It benefits the whole body system and individual weight control. Anyone who has never done without sport knows the danger of “too much”—injuries, for example, and even the risk of accidents. There are effective strategies or techniques for self-control and self-assessment to avoid this. Cardio training, i.e. regular and favourable pulse times, supports personal strength. It also enhances assessment and motivation in everyday life.

High performers have goals in focus

Setting yourself goals is a helpful strategy for organising your everyday life. And success is rarely blind when it comes to sustainable goal achievement. More often than not, not only personal benefits become apparent. Continuous personal health monitoring and strengthening often impact the environment. Sustainable healthcare also affects the achievement of objectives.

Good leaders achieve great goals through committed supply chains and critical figures. Yet, only some can do this sustainably in modern societies. Reasonable win rates occur within systems where more co-creators are encouraged. Employees can be motivated to think, act and work accordingly. This is possible alongside automation and efficiency. The field of behavioural economics and organisation handles questions on the topic. Remember essential water, nutrition, and health aspects. CO2 reduction, less factory farming and sugar production reduce constant cost explosions. As alternatives are less favourable, the level of oil renunciation needs to be higher.

Too little weight given to popular opinion

Resentment and jealousy are encouraged in socialist systems. It is not only economic laws that are eliminated within the state economy. It is problematic when overstretched and overburdened decision-makers make decisions. Especially for society as a whole. The result is the restriction of the rights of every single citizen. A cyber-controlled platform economy and the corresponding mechanisms are time-consuming.

Furthermore, they can negatively impact the personal economic situation. For example, health insurance companies sometimes prioritise financial options. Healthcare costs could be reduced with more information and timely discussion. More differentiated analyses and patients' perceptions of the medical profession are the result. This is becoming more and more workable with AI. Less is also more often doable and the ideal solution. Progressive encounter zones are pots of ideas. They enable evaluations for the benefit of all.

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