People-oriented Flexibility in Everyday Work Life

A vegan-oriented agricultural system, for example, entails different production and research fields, much higher output and less production footprint. Forest areas are necessary for local recreation destinations, as are initiatives that promote interest in indoor and outdoor gardening as a hobby – which can open professional opportunities. Improve the design framework for companies. The implementation of incentives in the tax domain, without distinctions between two and three class levels. The choice of location should only depend on tax optimisation in exceptional cases.

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Where Does it Make More Sense to Use Livestock? Relevant Approaches and Considerations

Such considerations are not futile in all desert regions. Modern technologies (keyword: solar power in combination with large-scale sun shading equipment) would, in principle, be possible to implement now. With minimal capital, the maximum return could be made. Such investments would be sustainable, particularly when you consider the various side benefits such as reforestation, revegetation, increased diversity and, last but not least, additional habitats.

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Wo sind Nutztiere sinnvoller? – Ansätze und Überlegungen

Nicht in allen Wüstenregionen sind solche Überlegungen sinnlos. Moderne Technologien, Stichwort Solarenergie in Kombination mit grossflächigen Beschattungsanlagen wären grundsätzlich bereits umsetzbar. Mit minimalerem Kapital könnte maximaler Ertrag erzielt werden. Nachhaltige Investitionen, insbesondere in Anbetracht mannigfaltiger Nebeneffekte, wie Aufforstung, Begrünung, Diversität und nicht zuletzt zusätzlicher Lebensräume.

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