Reciprocating in business effectively builds solid relationships with customers, business partners, and employees. Reciprocity is based on mutual help and support, mutuality, and interdependence. This is a fundamental principle of human behaviour. The following is a selection of ways to create fair reciprocity to realise visions.

Exceptional customer service

Focus on providing unique customer service. This way offers satisfaction, help, and support.

Test without obligation

A free trial can build trust and motivate customers to buy products or services. It does not trigger a feeling of obligation while still promoting products.

Collaboration and partnership

Collaboration and partnership allow companies to reach extensive target groups. This creates mutual benefits between the two.

Combining knowledge and resources

Knowledge and resources can bring mutual benefits. Leadership roles adopt sharing expertise and resources with competitors. In this way, establishment and goodwill create and achieve mutual benefits.

Participation in support or fundraising campaigns

You can support communities by investing personal time or financial support if necessary. In this way, shared values and reciprocity are created and strengthened.


Granting discounts, distributing samples, or inviting customers to viewings and exhibitions have a good advertising effect on the customer's immediate environment. Such suggestions or encouragement generate mutual recommendations and strengthen reciprocity.


Appreciation through thank-you letters and gifts to customers, business partners, and employees demonstrates goodwill and reciprocity.


Being open and honest about your business practices and goals creates trust and a sense of reciprocity.

Benefiting together

When negotiating business deals, look for solutions from which both parties can benefit. Win-win situations promote mutual benefit and cohesion.

Maintaining contacts

Constant reciprocity is promoted by maintaining contact with customers, business partners and employees.

Success and maintaining reciprocity are based on authenticity. Pure manipulation tactics cannot be hidden. Building genuine relationships and creating mutual value is the key to long-term success.

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