Suisse army spending on the rise

From left to right, there is a positive mood about this decision. People everywhere are interested in budget increases. The focus is always on the electorate or available financial resources. Last but not least, personal position.

The industry senses a breath of fresh air. However, the question arises regarding the purpose. Using cost-, maintenance- and personnel-intensive war materials.

The pride of any army is its air force. Yet, only the best-trained, risk-taking and daring specialists can operate these aircraft. They act at decisive moments.

In an emergency, grenadiers and soldiers pay with their lives at an early stage. Usually in large numbers. They are recognised, celebrated and admired as heroes and heroines in peacetime. It is time to save more lives. For example, operations by the world's best armies should claim few, if any, human lives. Technical achievements should be tested and utilised more extensively. They are preventing frontline battles as far as possible.

This in no way makes military personnel superfluous. Of course, remote-controlled operations require armies of control personnel. The best communications specialists for all troops. Precise communication, trust and sustained control are essential. The aim is to find and utilise the best of today's achievements. Manipulation, deception camouflage, and, last but not least, fake news are essential issues.

Above all, an army needs co-creators, co-thinkers and leaders. Limiting factors are the same as within the economy. Namely personnel, willingness to work and resources. How can the industry restart as fast as possible in an emergency? Can necessary raw materials be recycled promptly? Can imports be realised at short notice? How can we prevent astronomical government spending?

By pushing robotics. Machines and robots (with a high level of intelligence) work all day. Maintenance is required. With precise maintenance, they show no signs of fatigue and know no fear. Well-equipped, permanently agile armies have an advantage.

It is, therefore, essential to drive the economy forward and reduce VAT. We want to activate imports and forge alliances.

What is needed is not more skilled labour but more automation. In particular, the intelligent use of resources and the promotion of entrepreneurship. People who think for themselves and develop their inventions. If not superior, Swiss innovation should be at least on par with Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. This means the very best logistics, IT and cyber security. The challenges are enormous, demanding and diverse.

Of course, only some things can be replaced, at least not in the short term. But, market penetration must be changed in our favour. To utilise and expand the knowledge of society. They are generally making lifestyles healthier and safer in the long term.

Those in positions of responsibility and the media should take up these issues. Without “blinkers”. Allow new ideas and facts. Everyone could benefit. Especially at the moment, the human and material losses are too high.

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