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The world of digital content has seen an impressive rise over the past decade. Content creation has evolved with the proliferation of social media, such as blogs. It transformed into a viable form of communication, education, and entertainment. Yet more than inventiveness is required for content success. Instead, prerequisites are habits of mind, consistency, quality, and authenticity.

Decisive is the quality check. Furthermore, the critical questioning of stated facts and the corresponding conclusion are crucial. To achieve high ideals promising success, formats and habits lead the way. Nevertheless, the following guidelines and inputs can support producing content: personal knowledge, creativity, and imagination are prerequisites for creating content.

“Practice makes perfect”.

Perfection is a high goal and only achievable in some cases. Content creation is always challenging, even if authors have a comprehensive knowledge network. Less is often more. We maintain the practical relevance of our content. With a focus on what is workable, our team always concentrates on concepts. We work on ideas and forms of expression that can be implemented in everyday life. In this way, we inspire the readership less by complexity and more by possible solutions.

Suggestions and tips from our practice for content creation

Cornerstones for high-quality texts:

  • Role assignment: Determine the personal role (expert, critic, enthusiast) and focus on perspectives.
  • Target audience: Define the target audience for individual content.
  • Citations: Provide quotations or sources as evidence of information.
  • Context: Provide background information and dates for accurate content.
  • Counterarguments: Rebuttal of other arguments as necessary.
  • Examples: Examine examples of style, structure, or content.
  • Format: Define format and layout (essay, bulleted list, outline, dialogue).
  • Keyword choice: selecting “keywords” or essential definitions of the text content.
  • Language: Language specification for answers and questions
  • Restrictions: Specification of the number of words and characters
  • Aim: specification of the goal or purpose of appropriate information and persuasion.

Precise preparation reveals the overwhelming variety of possibilities in content creation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can also be considered. To help you think and to make your work easier, here is our list of the best prompts. Find topics to use and cover the personal needs of ChatGPT, the currently popular AI tool:

  • Market trend analysis: analysis of current market trends (industries), Identification of opportunities and threats, and strategy recommendations to exploit or mitigate
  • Competitor analysis, Note: Analyzing a competitor’s product or service in comparison Identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Customer service improvement indication: Create actionable strategies to improve customer service. Put in place technology, training, and best practices.
  • Regulatory compliance guidelines prompt: “Give me step-by-step guidance on ensuring regulatory compliance. Include regulations, permits, and best practices”.
  • Public relations and crisis management prompt: “Outline a public relations strategy. Make a crisis management plan. Improve the brand image and address potential challenges”.
  • Investment opportunity analysis prompt: “Provide an analysis of investment opportunities. Include an assessment of risks and potential returns.

Use of ChatGPT AI?

Below is a brief guide to using ChatGPT and applying our previous suggestions. In principle, familiarising yourself with this tool is a good idea. ChatGPT is a powerful “tool”. However, the basis remains a personal understanding. They are questioning the contents of the prepared text. Use the following guidelines: Obtain more information and broaden support on countless topics.

  • Be brief: Keep questions short and precise. Very long and complex queries can be confusing.
  • Provide context: Enter relevant context for queries. Better understood by ChatGPT. Answers are more accurate.
  • Application of system commands: “Translate this text into French!” or “Make summary!” are examples to request specific actions.
  • “Sensitive information”: Do not provide confidential personal information to the model. The generated responses could be visible to third parties.
  • Moderation: Use and moderate ChatGPT information online. Review before publication. Ensure appropriateness and correctness.

Maintenance and security habits

Good maintenance and security habits are critical. Ensure the integrity of personal work and the security of personal information.

Tips and guidance on developing maintenance and security habits:

  • Permanently backing up personal data.
  • Ensuring and keeping passwords up-to-date.
  • Updating software and platforms.
  • Protecting intellectual property.

Registering content and “intellectual property” to protect one’s work and works when necessary. This may include copyrighting personal content to prevent unauthorised use.

Please make an effort and care about one’s online presence. 

Conscious use of social media can provide interesting promotion of one’s products. It can also facilitate further exchanges with other content creators. Verify their affinity for the development and their relevant level of knowledge. It requires a possible contribution to growth. Relevant hashtags and their creation are crucial to deepening their niches. Less can be more; the hashtags should help the reader, not the search engines. Activity and consistency “pay off”. This also includes participating in events to present products and productions.


Initiative, facts, and diligence are crucial to reaching a specific audience. It is advisable to use, for example, ChatGPT as an AI tool for content creation. This is for effective use of time diversity recognition. Permanent maintenance is indispensable for website, software, and hardware security. It is also essential to be consistent in content creation. When choosing additional authors, please focus on the necessary potential. Moreover, their will to promote one’s products or productions is essential.

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