No website? Increase security? Portable budget?


Stop hackers in their tracks. Cloudflare can protect your website from manipulative cyber attacks. A “matador shield” against attacks.

The so-called “gate lock” ensures that obscure persons do not have and find website access. Comparable to a front door lock. However, such a lock is only sufficient in some cases. Agility and constant, multi-layered control is a prerequisite.

Cloudflare ensures that matters between your website and visitors remain secret or unrecognisable. It can be compared to a personal code for your website.

Attention and caution: Cloudflare constantly monitors your website. An “overseer who never sleeps”.

More speed all around: Cloudflare supports faster loading of your website. Comparable to a high-speed distributor that delivers your website to visitors faster.

Get started:

Create a Cloudflare account.

This is comparable to signing up for a new app. The account is created on the Cloudflare website.

Information about the website to Cloudflare.

You inform Cloudflare about your website using a simple setup. It can be compared to providing an address to friends.

Select protection settings.

The security requirements can be selected with Cloudflare. You determine the strength of your protection shield.

Ensuring all functionalities

Before you make all the settings, general functions must be checked in detail. This is comparable to a detailed check of all parts of a new device before commissioning.

What to Consider

Continuous insight and review.

Cloudflare offers a dashboard – a control centre. They provide insight, review, and personal security.

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