Threema Work is specially tailored for use by organisations. It offers numerous advantages over the Threema app for private users, especially in administration and user management, as well as distribution and pre-configuration. With Threema Work, you can:

  • Acquire and distribute licenses independently of platforms
  • Manage users
  • Deletion, in particular automatic deletion, is easy for the user to set up. This function is better than Whatsapp Business or Teams Professional.
  • Preconfigure the user app
  • Set policies for using the app
  • Disconnect or delete IDs when employees change
  • Prevent access to chats
  • Manage users' contact list

The Threema and Threema Work apps are compatible and basically do not differ in functionality. Both are compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Threema OnPrem is Threema Work's self-hosting solution. When using Threema OnPrem, all data is stored on the company's own servers, which means complete data sovereignty and the highest level of security.

Threema Work:

  • 100% GDPR° compliant (the GDPR contains provisions on the processing of personal data by private companies and public entities.)
  • Threema Broadcast is the solution for targeted and efficient employee communication. The entire workforce can be reached with just one click—likewise, only specific departments and, if desired, also external recipients. When conducting surveys, delivery of information is possible with crucial communications.
  • The intuitive management console enables professional user management. Thanks to Application Security Management (Threema-MDM) with its extensive security parameters, it is assured that Threema Work-App is used according to appropriate company guidelines.
  • The Threema Gateway interface allows you to automate processes and send, receive, and process Threema messages using your own software.
  • Threema Work is 100% GDPR compliant and offers the highest security and data protection level. All communication is permanently end-to-end encrypted. No phone number or email address is required, and contact synchronisation is optional. If desired, Threema Work can be used without address book access.
  • Since the “Privacy by Design” principle is the top priority in the development of Threema Work, the messaging solution is characterised by an unprecedented metadata economy, in addition to the highest level of security possible. Both groups and contact lists are not managed on a server but directly on the end devices, and the Threema Work apps are open-source.

Basic functions of the app:

1. Send text and voice messages

2. Make voice and video calls

3. Make group calls

4. Send files of any format (PDF, Office documents, etc.)

5. Share pictures, videos, and locations

6. Chat via computer using Threema Web

Special functions:

1. Creation of polls and surveys

2. Automatically disable notifications outside of working hours

3. Communication through approval and rejection function, without triggering a push notification

4. Hide private chats specifically and protect PIN or fingerprint access (for Android)

5. Choice between dark and light theme

6. Verification of contacts via QR code

7. Formatting of Text Messages

8. Creation of S distribution lists

9. Quotes from Text Messages

All features are listed in detail by price package at this link:

How secure is Threema?

  • Switzerland is not a member of the European Union (EU). In its general terms and conditions, WhatsApp reserves the right to pass on information without user information. Still, a monitoring/information order from a Swiss court is necessary for Threema in such a case.
  • According to Threema, the company finances itself through subscription and app sales.
  • The company's servers are physically located in two data centres of an “ISO 27001” certified colocation partner in Zurich, Switzerland. These are protected by security systems that include biometric access control, video surveillance, emergency power systems, fire protection, and more.
  • Threema generates as little metadata as possible and discards it as soon as its purpose has been fulfilled. In other words, this app places a high priority on privacy and communication.
  • 100% permanent security can never be fully guaranteed. Nevertheless, Threema can be classified as very secure compared to other providers. The app uses solid end-to-end encryption for nearly all its applications. To ensure maximum security, the connections between the app and servers and between the communication parties are encrypted separately.


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