Companies strive to communicate their message effectively in a rapidly evolving digital environment. Explainer videos are efficient and appreciated by customers. This blog post describes why explainer videos are well-suited for marketing and how the content strategy can be further enhanced through multiple uses.

Explainer videos can make complicated topics easier to understand, clarify ideas, expand knowledge, and generate attention and emotions. The connection between labels and their target groups is promoted.

By transforming existing blog posts into explainer videos, content can appear more “alive”, and the messages can be clarified. Transforming blog posts into explainer videos can expand their reach, as different formats may appeal to other interested parties. In this way, strategic repurposing and repurposing techniques can generate far-reaching marketing – without the additional cost of creating the content.

Explainer videos are gaining popularity as they are an effective way to inspire audiences and demystify complex topics. These videos are an exciting strategy not exclusive to bloggers to make information attractive and even more catchy.

Short, step-by-step instructions on how to turn blog posts into inspiring explainer videos:

Step 1: Determine purpose and target audience

The conversion process from post to explainer video requires the identification of the purpose and target audience. Throughout the process, to ensure that content is engaging, a focus should be placed on the language preference of the target audience.

Step 2: Select the appropriate blog post

Select an informative blog post with the potential for visual explanation and storytelling.

Step 3: Create an unambiguous script

Extract the key points from a blog article and create a script with a clear message of the content. Use preferred language when creating the script and adapt colloquial expressions or phrases when necessary.

Step 4: Plan visuals

Once the script has been created, compile the visuals to complement each section. Build confidence, and use audience-appropriate images such as those related to culture.

Step 5: Organise with storyboarding

In the storyboard, script sections are broken down into individual scenes. This way, each video section can be organised and visualised better during the production run-up.

Step 6: Choose a video style

Choose an appealing explainer video style that fits the topic and the desired target group. Popular types include 2D animation, whiteboard animation, live-action, and motion graphics.

Step 7: Add voiceover

For spoken explainer videos, a voiceover artist should be hired to ensure consistency of language preferences. Alternatively, text-to-speech software that provides authentic-sounding accents can be applied.

Step 8: Production and animation

Once all elements are prepared, production and animation of the explainer video can begin. Professional video editing and animation tools help to create a ‘living’ storyboard and a ‘seamless’ video flow.

Step 9: Finalising the video

Before publishing the explainer video, language, visual elements, audio quality and overall coherence are carefully reviewed again. This way, fine-tuning and last-minute changes can be made.

These are the basic steps to transform blog posts into explainer videos, where content can be reused in an even more engaging and dynamic format.

    3 replies to "Explainer videos: Exploit potential and create posts with maximum impact"

    • Mike S.

      Videos are certainly the most effective type of marketing tool in getting people’s attention. With most people diversed in social media and internet nowadays, there are a lot of different types of content out there. This is the same for explainer videos. I think another critical thing that you need to consider is how your explainer video would differ than most videos out there, and how you would attract the audience in the first few seconds of your content and make them stay to finish watching the whole video.

    • Felix

      Very well put!
      Explainer videos are a great tool, especially when trying to reach the younger generations. With all of the fast paced social media platforms and constant exposure to compact visual content, most in the younger generation don’t have the attention span to read long blog posts.
      And as you wrote, oftentimes videos and graphics are more easily understood than text.

    • Peace Michael

      Explainer videos are really interesting I must say, information is quickly passed on because we don’t only get to hear the voice, we also get to see what is being explained to us via pictures or animated videos.

      Many people have a photographic memory, so with this explainer videos it helps them get the message quickly.

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