Making texts interesting


Whether blog posts, videos or infographics, varying content arouses the audience's interest.


According to a study by “Social@Ogilvy”, events and trends increase interest by twenty per cent.


According to a survey by “Stackla”, ninety per cent consider authenticity necessary. Especially when deciding on a brand or label support. Identification with one's brand should, therefore, take centre stage.


Research by “Xerox” shows that relevant images receive over ninety per cent more views. Therefore, an appealing design with high-quality images, infographics and videos is suitable.

Emotional connection

According to a “study by the University of Pennsylvania”, emotions result in engagement. Moderately emotional language and corresponding images connect authors with their audience.


Another study by “Headstream” points out that stories are twenty times more memorable.


The “Content Marketing Institute” emphasises interactive content. Fifty per cent increase comes from a survey, poll or quiz.


A study by “SocialBakers” highlights a consistent focus on high-quality content. It results in greater audience engagement of over fifteen per cent.


It is crucial to ensure that posts are relevant to the audience. Data and insights can be used to identify and understand interested target groups.


Offer the audience added value with solutions to problems. What are the insights into topics or entertainment factors?

Promising videos


According to Brightcove, most consumers have a negative perception of poor-quality video. High-quality visual material, in particular, leaves a positive impression on brands.


Present clear and easy-to-understand messages. Avoid technical jargon and technically tricky explanations.


According to a study by “Pixability”, the most effective video strategy in social media is to tell a story. A grippingly related and visually catchy story favours a more appealing video design.

Short videos

According to a study by Microsoft, the average human attention span is only eight seconds. Keep the audience's attention with accentuated and short videos.


According to “Wistia”, a precisely defined call to action would increase audience motivation. It increases the attention by almost forty per cent.


According to a study by Nielsen, music can increase brand recall by up to ninety per cent. Music sets the tone and strengthens the brand.

Content planning

According to a study by Animoto, most consumers (60%) make purchases by watching a video on Facebook. Careful planning favours audience response.

Optimisation for mobile devices

A study by “YouTube” showed that mobile video consumption increases annually. This means a broader and larger audience can be reached. Targeted video optimisation for mobile devices is an evergreen.

Test and recognise

According to a study by Adobe, companies with data-driven marketing achieve growth. Test different video formats, styles and calls to action. Determine what the audience might like.


According to a study by Facebook, subtitling increases viewing time. It results in an average of twelve per cent. Adding subtitles also makes videos more accessible. For people who are hard of hearing or deaf can profit more.

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