Reaching milestones online and offline

Reflect and address short and long-term goals. Daily at best.

Market analyses, social media, and AI inputs help us edit and create our work. Experience, dynamism, and focus on easily assessable tools are prerequisites. Innovations are often excellent and helpful but only sometimes better.

Setting interesting focal points using versatile and necessary market analyses


What is of long-term interest? Integrate market-independent topics. To find your target markets, you should study their growth. Also, explore local market opportunities and improve your offerings. We need the financial sector to protect the economy and knowledge industry.


Exchange with professionals who know the sector. Focus on learning and work to build confidence in the long term. Find profitable business fields instead of analysing competition. Continuously create new options with your thinking and opinion-forming.

Consumer behaviour:

We like to read and analyse different media (Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NZZ, FT, Guardian, etc.). We participate in surveys and research or explore relevant studies and meta-studies. Facts and conclusions from renowned universities are checked whenever possible. AI is used for efficient thesis preparation. Support unprecedented in economics and other disciplines. It can be worthwhile to think critically and for oneself and to invest the appropriate time. Science and society are changing, hopefully for the benefit and participation of many.


“Game Changers”, “Learnings”, essences, and analyses are our field. Market governance: how could markets serve society? How can we and many others benefit from new opportunities? Without competition, there is no market. Platforms, assessments and information can support decisions on market direction. Advisors must communicate well and adapt to new circumstances. This is precisely what most experts are working on.

Client needs:

The needs are manifold. It is essential to understand the clientele in a holistic and multifaceted way. The best figures are only beneficial if you can interpret the corresponding data. A few key statistics offer more support than comprehensive documentation. With the many possibilities of AI, one should maintain a sense of the essentials. To make good choices, consider the different sectors. Identify your company's philosophy and client needs.


Practice and outreach. Participation in events both offline and online can be rewarding. Contacts are made offline. This has intensified to some extent with digitalisation. People value personal exchange even if work increasingly occurs in the digital space. So, every company is looking for ways to balance outdoor and indoor.

Rules and laws:

Check framework conditions and exchange with experts—process enquiries. There is a wide range of opinions and theories, from everyday topics to legal articles. Norms and values constantly change and find their way into the digital world.

SWOT analysis:

What works well, and what does not so much? You can ask yourself this question again and again in many contexts. Note down, analyse, and write. Try to achieve goals and work on them in many different ways. Develop your goal system, taking into account personal abilities and needs.

Up to date in our own business:

  • Our membership platform is up and running.
  • Check and improve the security and speed of the websites.
  • With 10 million readers, quality, safety and performance must continuously improve or be maintained.
  • Good maintenance of the tools tested and their functionality.
  • New features are often implemented and categorised through a separate channel.
  • Cost control is a priority.
  • Only expand with testing flexibility. Markets change, so we focus entirely on our customers' needs and concerns.
  • Flexibility, risk minimisation and individuality.
  • We create options for our clients and our own needs.

A flexible system is used. This way, when we redesign our website, we do not have to redesign the entire website. Opinions are subjective. Several thousand people currently visit our website every day. We want to ensure visitors can find what they are looking for. The best design only sometimes guarantees clarity. We aim to be active online and offer relevant information. Assist our customers and show enthusiasm.

For a modern, appealing visual experience:

Gradually connect more dots. This includes updating the design, UX and layout. However, this must not be at the expense of speed or UX. So elaborate designs are outsourced to separate or external channels. Creation of customer-friendly projects. Assessing the intention, effort and impact of projects. Demonstrating possibilities and being able to implement, organise or launch elaborate productions.

User-friendly navigation:

Work is being done on visualisation. Good things are preserved. Improvements are sought in exchange with our visitors.

Integration of our exclusive membership area:

No data is collected from visitors. With a focus on anonymisation, data is deleted on an ongoing basis.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is used for newsletters. No data is collected from readers or customers. On the contrary, data is actively deleted. One concentrates on the essentials. There is enough anonymised numerical material available for exciting conclusions.


Well-informed, flexible and open to exchange and novelties on a good path.

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    • Jason Barlow

      Sincerely, Consumer behaviour differs and in certain geographical regions parallel behavioural patterns are observed. However, These surveys conducted to determine consumer behaviours , are they conducted generally and flexible or are rigid and specific to certain regions ?

      • SC&B

        Indeed, we could not agree more.

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