Your Enemy, Your Best Friend

Applications for Remission of Debts are Possible in Every Swiss Canton.

Founders, managers, accountants, companies, and citizens should utilise this option more often.

In less rosy economic times, geopolitical tensions can favour a slump in sales.

Have sufficient reserves and provisions been generated in good years? Are flexible operational changes possible, or are new sources of revenue available? These are questions that private individuals and the self-employed have to ask themselves.

Self-employed persons usually have greater flexibility. This group is used to making the impossible possible. It is fundamentally different from state-owned companies or banks. It becomes unpleasant when state-financed superiority is detrimental to many or oneself. Nevertheless, it is also possible to benefit from more prominent players. For example, it is an advantage when business locations have a broad base. Many small companies together often achieve greater dynamism than one large company.

Due to a state-run economy and challenging times, situations can become more acute. People are usually closer to each other personally. Once bottlenecks have arisen, little or no support can be expected. Refrain from counting on the government, long-standing business partners or colleagues.

But how to act?

With a proactive approach. The situation should be communicated to achieve case-related solutions and utilise negotiation skills. Support sometimes also comes from unknown sources.

Tax remission applications should be discussed with experienced specialists. Without pressure, deadline extensions can be applied for a second time. New situations must first be investigated and dealt with. It takes time and effort.

It is, therefore, essential to continue to meet the operational or professional challenges. You can deal with applications and requests in detail afterwards. Nevertheless, the range of negotiation forms and options are broader than generally recognised. People prefer to clarify and act as independently as possible. Regardless, very few have a “golden parachute”.

How, where, and when can the best solution be found?

For example, in the event of illness with no prospect of recovery – on the contrary. In such cases, an application for helplessness allowance can be submitted to the SVA (Swiss social insurance, first column retirement and social system). There are three different stages. The administrative work involved should encourage you to apply in an emergency. All forms are available on the Internet.


Tax offices, insurance companies and social security organisations have a clear framework. Experienced specialists check the relevant applications. It can be helpful to arrange an appointment. There are often various options. Specialised trustees can give you an advantageous time frame and appropriate legal information.

Have an application drawn up from a wide range of specialists. For a reasonable price, use the appropriate templates and advice. These specialists can also check your documents if you prefer to act independently. Another option is to submit them to a lawyer for review.

There are no general experts. Linguists need to become more familiar with the language of business. You are more likely to find a solution with accounting specialists. It is, therefore, essential to think along with them. Not only by drawing on the experience of specialists. You are always your own manager.

The economy and taxpayers benefit if you can “regain your footing” quickly after a slump. Hard work, general endeavours and persuasiveness are needed.

Less can be more. But not in every case. Various applications and using legal leeway can speed up the restart. Commercial principles can be found in most rules and laws.

It is advisable, and often essential, to put everything in writing. You are better prepared for the seemingly impossible cases or most of them. In the worst case, an organisation can only run on a low flame. But solutions can be found if organising is a familiar concept for those affected. Often, corresponding changes even strengthen the organisation.

With faith in yourself

People are resilient. Believing in yourself has excellent consequences. What is incredible is when you are forced to sharpen your focus. You will often realise your potential immediately.

For the sake of your health, you should test your limits from time to time to react better in cases of hardship. This does not require high-risk sports; other areas of tension can be used for this purpose. Endurance sports such as jogging or strength training, for example. Even better is exercise (cardio), which is enjoyable in the long term. You could play a ball sport gently with little or no competition.

You are more likely to find solutions if you work hard and proactively seek answers. It would be best if you utilised your talents and profiles. Could you search and let yourself be seen? It’s a give-and-take. Who wouldn’t want to be of service? Preferably where your knowledge is in demand. Those who work on themselves can also inspire others. Genuine innovation was, and still is, indispensable, especially in times of crisis.

It can be assumed management bodies are aware of this and will take appropriate measures. There is strength in calm. It would be best not to allow yourself to be unsettled or harassed by ill-intentioned people. You can learn from your opponents. It all depends on your perspective: Your enemy, your best friend.

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