While a lot of us may prefer to take our time refining our skills and preparing for a new challenge, sometimes it doesn’t work out that way and you end up instead being “thrown in the deep end”. This expression captures the sense of intimidation and trepidation which can be felt in such situations. All the same, “being thrown in the deep end” may also prove to be a good learning opportunity. After all, when placed in such situations, sometimes you either “sink or swim”, giving you a strong motivation to conquer the challenge.

If you are thrown into a new situation which you are then expected to manage alongside all your other commitments, then you might find yourself having to balance a lot of tasks at one time or “spinning a lot of plates”. A similar expression is “to have a lot on your plate”, a situation which can arise, for example, when you are balancing work and study.

As much as it can be tempting to take on a lot of new challenges, there are times when it is best “not to get ahead of yourself” or act until you are ready or prepared.

That said, if you do feel prepared to take on a challenge and find yourself in the enviable position of having plenty of opportunities open to you, then will be able to “have your pick” of these. After all, being able to pick and choose which opportunities you wish to pursue is quite a privilege.

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